News From the Farm

By Sam.  

As Winter is upon us, our Monarchs are taking a well-deserved break alongside us on the farm. The colder temperatures means the Milkweed plants also take a break – we have harvested our seeds and are drying them, ready to sow shortly so they are seedlings in October for next season. Our existing Milkweed plants are being protected from Victorian frosts by being moved into our greenhouse. We also take this time to catch-up with our interstate butterfly enthusiasts and discuss all things ‘butterflies’.

Overwintering Monarchs often congregate in the wild.

This is the time we also move into our Orchard Swallowtail species. We use another warmer area supplier to start our life cycle in special heated rooms. Our little caterpillars will be ready for our caterpillar kits later in July. Remember these caterpillars require locations that have over 22 degrees daily for them to be successful.

Orchard Swallowtail caterpillars show its osmeteria, yellow horn-like organs extruding strong citrus smell to scare off their predators,

We currently have Orchard Swallowtail chrysalis available but before choosing your delivery date, please make sure your temperatures are above 22 degrees daily. Cooler areas don’t forget you can pre order at any time. Early October is our start date for Monarchs and we still have Orchard Swallowtails then too.

Something different!! If you are in a cooler location and still want to observe insects we do have Spiny Leaf Insects available in our online Store.