Christmas information and FAQs

Can I order for Christmas now?
Yes absolutely!
We recommend it as we always sell out before Christmas. When ordering you just select your desired delivery date.
Orders for WA and NT will be sent on the Monday prior.
What is the closest to Christmas I can have my kit delivered?
The last date available on our website is the 20th December.
Australia Post has guaranteed that all Express Post with them by the 21st will arrive in time for Christmas morning.
We will be shipping orders out over a number of days in time for Australia Post’s cut off date.
Can I leave it in the box until Christmas?
No, unfortunately you can‘t.
You need to open and set up the kit as soon as you receive it.
Chrysalis are continually developing and cannot be paused. Due to this, we recommend giving the gift as soon as it arrives or send it to the recipient directly to be opened as an early gift.
Do you deliver to Western Australia and Northern Territory?
We sure do! For orders in WA & NT we ship on Mondays as it tends to take 3-5 days from Victoria. We don‘t want them to get caught in any non delivery periods. This may change closer to Christmas as Australia Post increases their operation times.
How long does it take for the butterfly to emerge?
Typically, they take between 4 and 12 days after you receive it. This depends largely on temperature, the warmer it is the faster they‘ll emerge.
Are caterpillar kits available for Christmas?
We have a few spots left for caterpillar kits available for the 12th December. You’ll be able to watch your caterpillars growing and changing over the holiday season!
We have our butterfly gazebo available for Christmas or end of year celebrations. We can also run our party packages for end of year celebrations! Great for work places, kinders, schools and at home!
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