Who are we?

Butterfly Adventures is an enthusiastic team which combines the skills of an entomologist, science communicators, qualified teachers, farmers, conservationists, science communicators, researchers and performers. We aim to make our excitement about butterflies, insects, and the natural world accessible for everyone to enjoy.
We have been operating for 20 years to produce at home and in school experiences through our Chrysalis and Caterpillar Kits; a Butterfly Release to help celebrate someone or something special; community and public engagement through our Butterfly Gazebo; educational experiences with our entertaining Incursions and fun addition to a birthday with a Butterfly Party.

What Inspires us?

All of us at Butterfly Adventures have strong environmental attitudes. We are passionate about sustainability, conservation, and education. Butterflies are an important part of the environment in their role as pollinators, they are crucial for vegetables, fruits, flowers, and our native plants. They are part of the ecosystem food chain at every stage of their life cycle as well as being bioindicators. This means they help us measure the health of an environment. Simply put, the more butterflies there are, the healthier our environment is!
Our products and services add more butterflies to the environment while also bringing joy, wonder and knowledge along their journey. We want to have people, of all ages, excited about the natural world around them!
We are here to support educational institutions, organisations, and councils, through our numerous programs in achieving their environmental and educational goals.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions info@butterflyadventures.com.au

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