Education update

by Sharon

Something for the Young Ones 

New Incursion Option:

When running an incursion at a kindergarten or childcare centre, we are often asked that the younger children would love the opportunity to have more time with the butterflies. On occasions, we have been booked for extra time, so that the babies and toddlers can come in for a photo opportunity with the butterflies.

We have decided that this needs to become a permanent feature, so we have added The Little Ones Program options to our existing Kinder and Primary Incursion choices. The program will begin with some butterfly music whilst the children dress up in beautiful colourful butterfly wings. A little bit of butterfly dancing before we settle down for our Big Book. The story of ‘A Butterfly Is Born’ is a wonderful way for children to hear and see how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

After the story it is time for our most popular part of the incursion – the live butterfly tent – lots of time for photos and close up experience with our amazing butterflies.

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Introductory special: Book alongside a kinder incursion and we will discount this new session.

Kids in Live Butterfly Tent