Butterfly Parties

If your child is dreaming about butterflies, why not invite Butterfly Adventures to your party for a fun and interactive party hour! We will bring live butterflies to interact with and the kids will learn fascinating facts about butterflies, their complex life cycle and incredible adaptations.

Party Packages

Live Butterfly Tent

Suitable for up to 50 guests
$310 for one hour
$215 per additional hour

Live Butterfly Tent
Interactive Butterfly Show

Suitable for up to 25 guests
$355 for one hour

Face Painting &
Glitter Tattoos*

Includes Butterfly Show and Butterfly Tent

Suitable for up to 18 guests
$525 for two hours

Butterfly Party Games

Includes Butterfly Show and Butterfly Tent

Suitable for up to 25 guests
$525 for two hours
Butterfly Tent

Party guests enter our beautifully decorated pop up enclosure with our friendly Monarch butterflies. Entering in small groups a magical experience will be had by all.  Highly interactive whilst learning fun and interesting facts about butterflies from our experienced staff.  Lots of photo opportunities! Guests can feed or hold the butterflies while inside. 

Wheelchairs, prams and mobility aids are welcome!

Interactive Butterfly Show 

We use puppets and props to present an engaging and interactive show that takes kids through the life cycle of the butterfly.  We encourage the kids to participate as much as they’re comfortable with, from just holding a few leaves for our caterpillar to come and eat through to dressing up as a butterfly.

The presentation is highly adaptable for ages up to 12 years old.

Face painting and Glitter Tattoos

Choose among a wide range of designs, from butterflies and flowers to beetles and spiders or your favourite heroes.  Sizing will depend on number of children attending the party.

Glitter tattoos are a fun alternative or addition to face paint! Biodegradable glitter is used
*Glitter tattoos can last up to 5 days if cared for. Can be removed with soap or rubbing alcohol if needed to be removed sooner (e.g. if schools don’t allow).

Butterfly Party Games

Depending on your child and what they like we have high and low energy games that have a friendly competitive element or more of “everyone’s a winner” type games. Just let us know and we’ll come prepared with all the equipment necessary.

Our parties are fully customizable to meet your needs. If you want a combination of options or to change the amount of time we are happy to work with you to make your day the best it can be!

There will be smiles, giggles and photo opportunities aplenty! And grownups, you too will be entertained and given some food for thought about the butterflies, their role for the environment and lesser-known aspects of their biology.

Travel charges (calculated from Caulfield Junction, Victoria):
21 – 30 km – $50
31 – 40 km – $68
41 – 50 km – $82
If you are further away, please email for a quote.
We have butterfly themed party invitations. 
Need a gift?  The Butterfly Chrysalis Kit makes an amazing gift for your child.
Please send your party requests to party@butterflyadventures.com.au or fill out the form below and we will answer within 24-48 hours.
Have a question? Check out our FAQ page here
Some fun facts the kids and adults will learn

Did you know that “butterflies living only one day” is an urban myth? How many eggs does a butterfly lay? Do you think that a butterfly will die if their wings are touched?  Find out if that’s the case and more!  They will learn the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis, and what exactly happens inside them… Let them become “butterfly experts” and learn fun facts and new words like “spiracle”, “proboscis” and “compound eyes”.