Butterfly Parties

If your child is dreaming about butterflies, why not invite Butterfly Adventures to your party for a high paced and interactive presentation! We will bring live butterflies and if available a chrysalis, and the kids will learn fascinating facts about butterflies, their complex life cycle and incredible adaptations.

Did you know that “butterflies living only one day” is an urban myth? Do you think that a butterfly will die if their wings are touched? Find out if that’s the case and more!

They will get the chance to look up close at jewel-like chrysalises and will learn the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis, and what exactly happens inside them… Let them become “butterfly experts” and learn fun facts and new words like “spiracle”, “proboscis” and “compound eyes”.

Kids will be entertained with amusing props, stories and educational games lead by an experienced presenter with an entomological or environmental background. Once the first interactive half hour is over, the kids will get to enter our pop-up gazebo in small groups where everyone will get a chance to feed Monarch butterflies, observe them close up and have them sitting on their finger, head or clothes as they prefer!

An hour is just enough for these high-energy birthday activities but if desired it can be extended into a second hour to allow time for face-painting! They will get to choose among a wide range of designs, from butterflies and flowers to beetles and spiders. We’re flexible with the activities program and will take into consideration what you would like the presenter to spend time on and also adapt to the age group of your guests.

There will be smiles, giggles and photo opportunities aplenty! And grownups, you too will be entertained and given some food for thought about the butterflies, their role for the environment and lesser-known aspects of their biology.

Contact us now on info@butterflyadventures.com.au  and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days.

Kids will talk about their Butterfly Party for weeks!


  • $330 for one-hour (Interactive Presentation and Butterfly Tent)
  • $490 for two hours (as above and Face Painting). Size of design will depend on number of children.

We recommend a maximum number of 15 children as the presentation involves individual interaction with each child.


Larger Party Option

  • $290 for the 1st hour (maximum 50 guests)
  • $200 per additional hour (50 – 100 guests)

Let us bring just our tent/gazebo to you with our live butterflies for all your guests to interact with.  Maximum 100 guests.  The number of hours will depend on how many guests and how long you would like your guests to be able to interact with the butterflies.

Travel charges (calculated from Caulfield Junction):

21 – 30 km – $45

31 – 40 km – $60

41 – 50 km – $75

If you are further away, let’s discuss the options on a case by case basis.

Need butterfly theme party invitations? We can email you our easy to print template on request.

Stuck for a gift?  The Butterfly Chrysalis Kit makes an amazing gift for your child.

The images kindly supplied by Kit Haselden Photography www.kit.photo