Butterfly Releases

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Releasing butterflies at weddings funerals, graduations, memorials and other special events is a gorgeous way to celebrate someone special, whether they’re present or in memory of.

Butterfly Adventures provides healthy, hand-raised butterflies for release at weddings, special events, memorials or whenever you need them.  We guarantee to deliver healthy butterflies to you.

You can discuss different release options with us. We have done it all in before.  We supply easy to follow instructions and telephone support to help you to look after your butterflies when they arrive.

Please refer to our FAQs to answer any questions you may have about a butterfly release.  If the answer is not there, please email us on info@butterflyadventures.com.au

Availability:  Butterflies are available for release from November through to June/July. 

Note: If you are located in WA,NT or a remote location please email info@butterflyadventures.com.au prior to placing an order.  We are unable to assist with Monday & Tuesday releases unless you are in Victoria and can pick up (please email for this).

Please select the ‘Desired Send Date‘ below as 3 days prior to your planned ‘Date of Release.
(If your release date is a Saturday, select the prior Wednesday send date. If your release is a Sunday please contact us via email as we will need to organise a courier).
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    (When do you plan to release the butterflies?)

    Cost Per Butterfly:

    2$25 each
    3 to 6$23 each
    7 to 12$22 each
    13 to 24$21 each
    25+$20 each

    Select number of Butterflies below:

We need a few days to prepare your order, please give us at least four weeks notice. If you need the butterflies urgently (less than four weeks in advance), please call or email us first.  If all butterflies are allocated, we may not be able to accept online orders with less than 4 weeks notice.  Please contact us first.  Please remember when ordering that temperatures need to be above 20 degrees for the release.

Any number of butterflies (the minimum order is 2) can be released from individual envelopes or mass release boxes.  

We deliver Australia wide via Express Post* to most areas. The Australia Post system no longer guarantees overnight delivery – we will be in touch if we think your location is impacted and if we consider a courier is the best option for your order. We will advise what the extra cost will be for the courier service.

Why choose Butterfly Adventures?

  • We have been in the business of breeding and delivering live butterflies for releases since 2003.
  • We supply butterfly species that are suitable to release in your area and the time of the year.  This is to ensure that the butterflies continue to thrive after the release.
  • For most of the year, we breed and raise our own butterflies to ensure the availability and most ethical approach.
  • We are a phone call away to help you to look after your butterflies when you are not sure what to do.
  • We can advise how to best prepare and handle your butterflies for photographers and videographers.
  • We have a variety of packaging options and can work with you to organise a custom release