About Us

Love is Like a Butterfly…
by Rachel Bloomer

Butterfly Man, Eddie Tsyrlin is doing his best to repopulate the planet with beautiful, homebred butterflies. Stirring and fluttering in his quiet suburban home, the gorgeous winged creatures are destined for freedom and flight, released to celebrate love and life.

Butterfly Adventures began with an entomologist’s dream and his desire to share the wonders of the insect world with others. Eddie explains, “butterflies seem to be a perfect way of doing that as they are probably the only insect that people like to touch.” As well as supplying the unique Chrysalis Kit for sale, the company organises butterfly releases for weddings and functions and offers educational presentations to schools.

Eddie Tsyrlin (the owner of Butterfly adventures) is an entomologist, he is happy to answer some of your questions:

What are your qualifications/title do you have? –   “An entomologist with over 20years of experience,  Sci, Hon, working on my PhD at the moment.  We have been doing Butterfly Kits and Releases since 2003.”

Are all Australian weather /eco conditions okay for these butterflies to be released into? “Facts: Monarch butterflies have been in Australia for 150 years and thought to be brought here by hurricanes. They took hold in Australia when white people brought the host plant seeds (Asclepias sp), possibly in the new settlers’ mattresses, because the fluffy part of the seeds was used much like cotton.  Monarchs are now found in all states of Australia. They overwinter as adults. In warm conditions butterflies feed on ANY nectar producing plants and look for each other to pair. Then they look for their host plants (milkweed), which are common  and found in all states of Australia.”

Is putting chrysalises in the enclosure harmfull to them? “The mesh cube is specifically designed for a butterfly to hold on to it using small hooks on the tip of their legs after it emerges.  The butterfly can stay there for two days or so until its winds become stronger.  Then it is time to release them. The cube is NOT designed to hold butterflies any longer than that.”  For longer periods of observation, we have the enclosure https://butterflyadventures.com.au/product/folding-enclosure/

Do we need to place flowers into the chrysalis kit with the newly hatched butterfly?  “You can place flowers into the cube to decorate it,  of course, although the butterfly does not need it”  We have an option of a chrysalis kit coming with a cupcake sized basket of flowers in the corner.

What are your hopes for the future of Butterfly Adventures?  ”Existential question   :)…My hope is to recreate the old Australian tradition when parents would bring a branch of a plant with a caterpillar on it and watch with their kids how it develops into a butterfly.  I also hope that this brings a touch of magic to people’s everyday lives. ”