Caterpillar and Chrysalis Kits

Chrysalis Kits

We will try to send you the Monarch chrysalises when we can but at certain times of the year we will send species available at the time. Butterfly chrysalises come in very different shapes: green or brown, smooth or slightly spiked and some can even wriggle! Please let us know, if you only want a Monarch but this could sometimes mean a longer wait.

Butterfly Chrysalis kit

Chrysalis Kit

$47.00$109.00 inc. GST


Chrysalis Kit instructions and classroom activities

$5.50 inc. GST


Chrysalis only

$21.00 inc. GST

Caterpillar Kits

Caterpillar kits are perfect  for classrooms and homes, they include everything you need to watch the life cycle of a butterfly close up. We also provide instructions and classroom activities linked to the national curriculum for every level from Foundation to Year six. Refill kits are also available to watch the cycle another time.

Caterpillars eating

Caterpillar Kit + free delivery

$225.00 inc. GST


Caterpillar Kit Instructions and lesson plans – PDF (Download)

$35.99 inc. GST


Caterpillar kit refill – 6 caterpillars and plants

$149.00 inc. GST