Chrysalis only

$17.00 inc. GST

Single chrysalises to refill your chrysalis kit and watch the metamorphosis again!

You can place an order ahead of time for available dates at ANY time using the calendar system below.

Orchard Chrysalises hang upright and come in green or brown depending on the colour of their surroundings at the time of pupation,









** Christmas Orders **

We have reached our limit for Christmas orders!

Stay Tuned though!!!  On the 13th December we will announce here and on Facebook/Instagram whether we can open up for additional orders when we know how many caterpillars have hatched!




We recommend having a cube from the Chrysalis Kit or our Pop-up enclosure to house your chrysalises.

 When will it be delivered?

You may have noticed that we deliver everything via AusPost’s Express Post service.  This is because we are sending you delicate material and need to minimise the transit time as much as possible.   This does not mean that we can dispatch your order immediately….  Chrysalises have limited shelf life and is not an item suitable for a warehouse.  While we will try to send your items as quickly as possible and as close as possible to your selected date,  we are kindly asking you to please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Will I always get the same chrysalis?

We will try to send you the Monarch chrysalises (see images above)  when we can but, at different times of the year there are limitations in availability and we will send the species available at the time. Butterfly chrysalises come in very different textures shapes and colours: green or brown, smooth or slightly spiked and some can even wriggle!  Please let us know if you only want a Monarch but this could mean a longer wait.

What if things go wrong?

A birth of a butterfly, like a birth of any living creature is a rather delicate process.  We wish we could say that there is 100% guarantee of success but that would be unrealistic. What we can guarantee, however, is that we will be there to answer your questions, support you and in a rare case of the birth going wrong to replace your chrysalis.

Additional information

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