Spiny Leaf Insects – 1 male and 1 female juveniles

$38.00$67.00 inc. GST

The kit includes:

  • Two Spiny Leaf Insects, second stage juveniles or older
  • 37x37x60cm enclosure (if selected)
  • Printed instruction sheet
  • Unlimited message and email support
  • At least one Spiny is guaranteed to reach maturity

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NOTE: We are unable to send Spiny Leaf Insects to Western Australia and Tasmania due to Biosecurity rules

Female Spiny Leaf Insect
Spiny Leaf insect male with wings
Male Spiny Leaf Insect
Spiny Leaf Insects (Extatosoma tiaratum) are probably the easiest and one of the most rewarding pets for home or a classroom:
  • They are large and look exotic but are completely harmless,
  • They are quiet,
  • They have interesting behavior,
  • They can be easily handled,
  • They will forgive you if you forget to give it food or water but not for too long…
  • Females live for up to 18 months, and males up to 8 months,
  • Females don’t need males to reproduce, but of course males are fun and they can take short flights, if released in the air on a warm day.
  • You can play with their surroundings and change their colour by introducing a bright light source and light coloured surroundings.
In short, Spiny Leaf Insects are a perfect gateway pet. If they die in your care, don’t go out and get yourself a cat or even a gold fish, they are far more work then a Spiny.
Here we provide you with everything you need to start enjoying your new pets straight away. You add Eucalyptus leaves and water in your mist bottles.