Flowers with Chrysalis

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Quite possibly, the best way to say “you give me butterflies…” Two Chrysalises in a cube decorated with mini flower arrangement.

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Dear friends, we finally have a product for the romantically inclined!

Is your romantic interest butterfly mad?  Two chrysalises with a mini flower arrangement in a cute cupcake cover will definitely make them so!   Quite possibly, the best way to say “you give me butterflies…”.  Emerald green, golden dotted chrysalises will turn into gorgeous butterflies in about a week.  Keep them in a box for no more than two days (they will not need food or drink) and release them to the when the temperatures are above 20C.  Together.

Simple instructions are included.  The product can be purchased for any chosen date and ships overnight.  A lead-up time of 5-10 working days is required.




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